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Decide how you want to learn about instant payments, the opportunities they offer and how your organization can get ready for
the Federal Reserve’s FedNow Service.

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If you’d like us to guide you through FedNow Explorer, answer a few simple questions and we’ll reveal a path that aligns with your needs and interests, whether you’re new to instant payments or far along your journey.

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Interested in designing your own learning path? That’s the pioneering spirit! You can explore the city your own way, finding the information you’re looking for in our instant payment-themed buildings.

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Resource type:Video

Watch: Request for payment in action

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Read time: 5 min
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Resource roles: All organizations

Learn more about the FedNow Service's request for payment (RFP) feature.

Resource type:Video

FedNow Service payment flow video

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Read time: 4 min
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Resource roles: All organizations

Follow an instant payment through the FedNow Service from start to finish and learn about your role in the process.

Resource type:PDF

FedNow Service Readiness Guide

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Read time: 40 min
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Resource roles: All organizations

Access the FedNow Service Readiness Guide, a comprehensive document designed to help your organization prepare for instant payments.

Service Provider Showcase

Connect with service providers that can help you implement instant payments using the FedNow Service.

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